Property management includes preventing your property from receiving an emergency maintenance services since that would be extremely costly.

Therefore, we have regular maintenance schedules for inspecting the roof and the air conditioning, so that we can avoid the expensive service being provided at the last minute, saving you even more money


Your properties' utility payments (water, power) are managed by us, and we ensure that the utilities are billed to the tenants.


When it comes to cleaning and maintaining the properties, we have a specialized team. As a new lease agreement approaches, we make the property look like it is brand new.


Air conditioners are one of the most common problems owners encounter. The AC will be maintained every three months in order to prevent headaches and ensure optimum performance.


Roofs usually fall under the responsibility of the associations, so we will make sure the associations take action to fix them.


Although most associations maintain the lawn, a few do not, so we have partners who take care of it for you.