We understand that tenants are one of your most valuable assets of your business. We guarantee that your tenant will feel respected and heard by our outstanding customer service. Every line of communication with them will remain open so they can contact us 24/7 with their problems in real time.

In the event that there is a bigger problem, we will request a quote from certified companies immediately and present the quote to the landlord for approval before proceeding with the services

Our risk management strategy will include tenant screening as well as a background check of potential tenants

Receiving maintenance request from tenants

We will have open channels of communication with your tenant and we will be open to receive any requests that they are in need.

Collecting quotes for the property improvements and repairs

Along with tenant requests, usually you would probably need quotes for repairs and services. We will quote with at least three companies or more depending on the size of the job that needs to be done.

submitting quotes for the Landlords for approval

We follow those steps very carefully because we understand how expensive those repairs can be. That is why we make at least three quotes so that you can be aware of the average market price and make sure we are being fully transparent in every step along the way.

Tenant screening

We will make sure that the tenant entering your property is trustworthy. With that we do a background check with every tenant so that you can give the keys to someone without having to worry about a thing.